Cats, regardless of all the myths, do require some care.  Sphynx require 'different' care than their haired cousins.

  1. Weekly bathing           
  2. Ear Cleaning
  3. Nail Clipping
  4. Food
  5. Water
  6. Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Bathing

Sphynx lack hair, therefore their skin tends to get oily and they usually require weekly baths. Some cats require less bathing and some more. These baths only take a short amount of time because they are hairless.  Another positive is that they dry in minutes - and no hair dryer is needed!

My Sphynx kittens are acclimated to baths from the time they are very small so MOST are not going to be quite as difficult as other cats that are not used to getting baths.  Although, some can still be difficult!

Please inquire with the breeder about the degree of oiliness in the parent's lines. This will often indicate how much bathing your Sphynx will need.

Another tip - overbathing can actually cause your Sphynx to produce more oil and actually make them dirtier than before... please try not to overbathe or use overly harsh detergents.

I use Neutrogena body wash or L'Oreal Baby Body Wash on my Sphynx and have had good success with it. On the ones that tend to be oiler, I use the Malaseb shampoo which can be ordered on the internet. Many other breeders use Baby Shampoo and enjoy it as it does not harm the eyes. Each breeder has his/her own shampoo/body wash she likes best. You just need to find what works best for your cat.

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Ear Cleaning

The Sphynx require more frequent ear cleanings than other cats because they do not have hair in their ears.  The usual is about a once a week.  Some Sphynx require more frequent cleanings and some less.

To clean the ears, you can use a baby-wipe on the outside and a cotton swab to clean the harder to reach areas. Do not push the q-tip too far in. I also use ear cleansing solution from my vet to loosen up the wax and this makes the ears easier to clean.

This homemade mixture is the best I have found and smells great as well (but talk to your vet first)

bullet1 pint of wintergreen 70% alcohol
bullet3 tablespoons glycerin (can find at drugstore or Walmart)
bullet2 tablespoons Boric Acid Powder (Can find at Drugstore such as Rite Aid)  (Sounds scary but is ingredient in Saline Solution!)

 I squirt a little in each ear, let them shake it out. About 30 minutes later, I go back and wipe with q-tips and the ears clean so easily. You must keep up with this and do this once a week.  You will notice a huge difference!!!!  I have tried many, many other ear cleaners and this is by the far the best!

Tip for when take your new Sphynx kitten to the vet for the health check: Some vets will insist that your new kitten has ear mites or a yeast infection because they do have more wax than many other breeds of cats. Please make sure you get a slide done to confirm that is the case. A lot of times it is not ear mites, just a lot of wax.

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Nail Clipping

This should be done weekly.  Their nails can become quite sharp if not tended to. Clipping nails will protect your furniture, yourself and your other animals.  You should buy a good pair of cat nail clippers and ensure that you are cutting above the vein in their nails.  (Cutting the vein in the cat's nails is quite painful for the cat.) If you are unsure how to do this, ask your vet or a professional groomer for a demonstration of instructions. I have never used them, but some cat owners recommend a product called Softpaws.

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Ensure that your cat is getting quality food.  We prefer the raw diet as many commercial pet foods have been found to be inadequate. If you feed raw, it must be done correctly to ensure you they are getting all proper nutrients. This is the instructions / recipe we use.

TIf you feed something else, we strongly recommend a high quality canned diet. Hard food (kibble) does not have enough moisture to really be healthy. If you do feed kibble - the first ingredient should be chicken or chicken meal. The first ingredient should NOT be corn meal. Remember that cats are carnivores... so it is important that they eat MEAT.  A lot of the 'cheaper' products contain ONLY the minimum requirements to meet the standards... there has been a lot of research done this and some research indicates that the minimum may not be enough for all cats.  The first ingredient should be "Chicken" NOT Chicken by-product or anything corn.

Another item that is essential is getting a CERAMIC or a STAINLESS STEEL BOWL. Do not  use plastic bowls- it is hard to properly remove all the bacteria from plastic and use of plastic bowls is known to be the culprit of infections and diseases.

Sphynx generally eat more than other cats because they lack fur and they have to burn more energy to keep themselves warm.

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Water is not just water...

hard water can be tough on your cat's system so you should give your cats purified water.  Water from a Brita or Pur system is economical and should do the trick.  Cats do not need the nutrients or minerals from the water - they get their nutrients from their food.  According to many scientific studies untreated water can be hard on cats' kidneys and other parts of their system. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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Supplements and Vitamins

There have been few scientific studies done on vitamin supplements given to cats.  So please read this information with that in mind, research and consult your vet.

bulletMissing Link - this can be found at most pet stores. This is a wonderful supplement that improves the overall health of your cat and the skin/coat.
bulletL-Lysine: Used to help treat the eyes.  This is very helpful if your cat gets a virus and it infects the eyes.  This is NOT a replacement for traditional eye treatments, but a supplement to assist.
bulletTaurine:  Cats' bodies are unable to synthesize taurine like humans are.  They require all their taurine from food sources.  There is scientific evidence that suggests that some cats do not process the taurine as efficiently as other cats and therefore need more taurine.  Taurine deficiencies are linked to many health problems in cats, including kidney failure. Many people have had success using Taurine to assist in many medical problems such as gum swelling, shedding (not that you have to worry about this with the Sphynx), colds.
bulletCoQ10 - in humans, supposed to help heart health. Some cat fanciers use this supplement also to help with overall health of cats.


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