Ear Cleaning for Sphynx

Sphynx do get a waxy buildup in their ears which is not seen in most hairy cats. Every Sphynx deserves to have clean ears!!!  Besides that, it is important to check your Sphynx ears weekly. Cleaning them helps prevent ear infections and you actually check their ears to ensure they do not have an infection.  

I have used this recipe for years and years now. If you have any questions or concerns about safety or any ingredients, please ask your vet. I asked mine about both and he approved. 
1 pint wintergreen alcohol
2 tablespoons boric acid
2 tablespoon glycerin

I put the ear cleaner in a bottle I get from the beauty supply store with a cap and put the solution in there.
Rite Aid makes boric acid so it can be purchased there (along with the rest the ingredients). Some Walmarts carry them - ask at the pharmacy. Boric acid, safe in dilute form, please still be careful of it and do not overuse it. It is used in saline solutions for contacts, etc. 

To apply, after bath, while still in sink/bathtub, put a few droplets in their ear, rub at base and wipe with q-tip but do not go too deep into ear.