Citizenkat Sphynx  in The Media

We are proud to be great ambassadors for the magnificent Sphynx breed. Our cats are trained to be good for the news media, the many photo shoots that they have done. Our cats are beautiful examples of the breed and are extremely well behaved. Not only that we have vast knowledge and experience with the breed. Citizenkat is located in Philadelphia, PA.

If you are interested in having a Sphynx for the news, a publication or want more information about the breed, please contact us at


Some of our cats in the news/photos are below!!

(All photos are credited to proper source and link is provided) 

Ada Nieves & Golden Couture Fashions on CNN

Below Caleb is a urban hipster...

Some of the fanciest cats and sharpest dogs in New York City showed up for the Haute Kitty CATure Feline & Canine Fashion Show on September 28 at the American Kennel Club's "Meet The Breeds" showcase at Jacob Javits Center. Here, a sphynx cat wears a knit cap and plaid jacket for a distinctly urban look.


Fiona on Animal Planet Website 

Fiona on Animal Planet 



Elijah (RW, SGC Destynys Little Boy Blue) and I at a show in Massachusetts


Elijah at his very first show as a kitten.

At this show he was best kitten in show! 

Elijah aka Destynys Little Boy Blue at TICA cat show  Elijah aka Destynys Little Boy Blue at his first show 


This is Fiona (Regional Winning Destynys Mam'Selle of Citizenkat) at the famous Algonquin Hotel's annual party for the famous Matilda modeling a beautiful ballerina costume.  She absolutely adores wearing her costumes and you can tell!!


This is my cat Luca in a photo done for an album cover back in 2010. It is amazing.

Luca the Sphynx on Album Cover


This is a video of Madeline doing a news spot on the NYC local news. She could not be sweeter or better behaved!

AKC Meet The Breeds  - Madeline, Sphynx,  on CBS news Sphynx Cat Madeline on CBS morning news for AKC Meet the Breeds 2012Fiona - Sphynx Cat - On CBS news for AKC Meet The Breeds


Madeline at AKC Meet The Breeds 2012


Sphynx in the News


Pawnation at the Algonquin Hotel

Check out the video it is funny and entertaining 

Cat fashion show at Algonquin Hotel 2012 Madeline SphynxSphynx Madeline at Algonquin Hotel 2012 for Matilda's party



	Nov 17, 2011 - Manhattan, NY


Sphynx in Meet The Breeds


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