Prepping for Your New Kitten(s)

I.) You will need to purchase the following items:

  1. Cat Carrier - you will need to have this for the kitten's ride home. Cats should NEVER be allowed to run loose in car - it is dangerous.                                                                        

  2. Kitten Food - see my raw diet page. Or pick up commercial raw or good quality canned food such as Blue wilderness, Before grain, Evo, Wellness

  3. Dishes - Ceramic or Stainless steel (plastic dishes promote bacteria growth and therefore can be harmful.)

  4. Litter Box Generally, you should have one more litter box than amount of cats in the home. I personally prefer the covered litter boxes, as some cats can kick up enormous amounts of litter around the area.  (Please note: cats are like humans, they are creatures of comfort, if you have a large home, have at least one more litter box than cats.  For the Sphynx, DO NOT put the litter boxes in an area that tend to be cold- ie an unheated garage or a cold basement. That is asking for trouble.)

  5. Litter

  6. Litter Scoop

  7. Litter mat

  8. Collar (not an actual necessity)- USE A SAFETY collar - a dog collar will NOT do- they do not have the mechanism to prevent cats from choking themselves if they get caught on something.

  9. ID Tag

  10. Baby wipes (Please make sure there is no alcohol in them)

  11. Nail Clippers

  12. Ear Cleaner from your vet (I use Oti-Cleanse)


II.) Following Items are Recommended:

  1. Cat Tree - A good one that is taller than your sofa - cats like being on the highest point in the room. Try to match quality with value, some are not made as well as others - remember your kitty will get a lot of use out of this so you do not want to have it fall apart in 3 months!     

    Click on photos to enlarge       


  2. Cardboard scratcher    

  3. Cat Track                      

  4. Feather toys      

  5. Furry play mice         

  6. Cat reference books - you should own a book containing general cat health information, just in case you need to reference it for various reasons. The more you know, the better off you both will be.

  7. Self warming sleeping pad or blanket This is really important with the Sphynx - while they will seek warmth - they do need to have something to go to. I have blankets all over my house and usually you can a Sphynx burrowed in one!



III.) Kitten-Proofing Your Home


Look at your home like you are a cat... look for low nooks and crannies, look at high objects and furniture your cat can get on top of, look for objects she can knock over. Make sure you change anything that can hurt or harm your cat.

  1. Make sure all electric cords are put away or not dangling look like a toy

  2. Invest in covered waste baskets or put them under sinks or in cabinets- most cats will tip trash cans over to at least investigate.

  3. Close toilet lids to prevent small kittens from potentially drowning

  4. Always check washers and dryers and dishwashers before starting. (ESPECIALLY the dryers, Sphynx LOVE warm places to sleep)

  5. Put breakable items out of kitten's reach (and they eventually will be able to get anywhere)

  6. Make sure any house plants you have are not poisonous to cats - if they are, you should get rid of them.

  7. Stay away from products containing pine - There are articles on how pine cleaning products and the actual wood itself are toxic to cats.

  8. Keep liquids away from electrical equipment unattended - your new cat is bound to knock it over!

  9. Make sure all cleaning products are put out of harm's way

  10. Take a look at your curtains, make sure they secured very well. A few kittens think they are Tarzan and will jump and swing on them. Most kittens will grow out of this.