Two Cats are Better than One

We recommend that you get two kittens rather than one... even if they are not from the same breed. We understand that Sphynx are expensive and you may not be able to get two Sphynx at one time.  This provides companionship for them both while you are not at home, they are generally less destructive and are happier! It is especially important that Sphynx have companionship most of the time because Sphynx are VERY social animals.

The cost of two is just slightly more than one. Most vets give discounts if you bring two cats in and you will already have the extra supplies (toys, grooming, etc.) for the one, so not much more will be needed!.

If you already have a cat or more, you may not need to get another one. However, if it is elderly, you may want to consider getting another older cat so it does not 'bother' the elderly cat that does not want to be bothered. Kittens can be too much for elderly cats to tolerate.

There are myths that male cats do not get along... the is generally more common in whole males.  Males that are altered usually get along very well - of course there are exceptions to that rule.

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