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CCA   National Winning

KitnKrazy Along Came Polly


HCM Scanned Normal, May 2014, Bloodtype A/A, Seal tortie mink and white

As of Dec 2014, Polly's parents and grandparents have scanned normal


Polly is a beautiful  girl from my Canadian breeding partner and friend LouAnn Vennettilli. We are so pleased to have her in our program.  Polly is a delight. She is so friendly, confident and loving and has to be around me all the time. She is all the things a Sphynx should be.


LouAnn showed her as a kitten and she was best kitten in show 3 times and Polly became a National Winner in CCA.


KitnKrazy Along Came Polly SPhynx Cat

Polly SPhynx cat

Polly Sphynx Cats


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