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Destynys Burn Notice


Scanned Normal 9/20/2013     Click here

Both of Madeline's parents and all her grandparents have been scanned normal as of December 2014.

Madeline is a blue tabby mink and white with pretty aqua eyes.   She has an exquisite temperament for show and loves to show.

She has a neat pattern on the backs of her ears that looks just like giraffe print.

She was named after a character in one of my favorite shows "Burn Notice".


Madeline Sphynx


Sphynx kitten Madeline with marbles

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick

Madeline Sphynx photo

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick

madeline helmi photo

Madeline Sphynx

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick

Madeline Beautiful Sphynx Kitten

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick

Madeline Helmi Flick Photos

Photo credit: Helmi Flick

Madeline beautiful Sphynx  profile photo

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick





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