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This page is dedicated to all the beautiful cats I show. Not only do we strive to have healthy cats with beautiful temperaments, we do our best to achieve the proper and beautiful Sphynx type.

TICA 2008-2009 Best Sphynx Alter Internationally
TICA 2008-2009 Regional Winning Sphynx Alter
Supreme Grand Champion

CitizenKat Shangri-La
sphynx cat
Mid -Atlantic Regional Winning Adult
Supreme Grand Champion

Destynys Daisy Mae of Citizenkat
daisy mae
TICA 2013 Third Best Sphynx Kitten Internationally
TICA 2013 Third Best Sphynx Champion Internationally
Regional Winning Adult & Regional Winning Kitten
Quadruple Grand Champion

Destynys Hope Springs Eternal

Regional Winning Destynys Hope Springs Eternal
TICA 2014 Third Best Sphynx Kitten Internationally
TICA 2014 Regional Winning Kitten
TICA 2015 Regional Winning Kitten
TICA 2015 International Winning Adult
HIGHEST TITLE AWARDE BY TICA - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Destynys Little Boy Blue

Regional Winning Kitten
Destynys Mam'Selle of Citizenkat


Regional Winning

Double Grand Champion

Destynys A Different Spirit


CCA National Winning Kitten 2013-2014
CCA Regional Winning Kitten 2013-2014

KitnKrazy Along Came Polly

KitnKrazy Along Came Polly

Click here for more photos of Polly

TICA 2013-2014 MA Region's 11th Best Kitten
Destynys Gabriel

Citizenkat Gabriel