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We have been showing and breeding since 2003... so we have compiled a gallery of retired breeders/show cats!  We hope you enjoy

Destynys Burn Notice:

madeline helmi photo

Photo credit: Helmi Flick

Click here for more photos of Madeline

Citizenkat Shangri-La 

Best Sphynx Alter Internationally - 2008-2009 TICA

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter & CFA Grand Premier

 2008-2009 7th Best Mid-Atlantic Regional Winner




daisy mae




caleb sphynx photo


Regional Winning Destynys Hope Springs Eternal


Click here to see Hope's page

Citizenkat Gabriel

Sebastian Sphynx

Citizenkat Benjamin Buttons Sphynx Cat

Scarlett F2 Sphynx

Click here to see more photos of Scarlett


Click here for Marley's Webpage



polar bear Sphynx F1







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